The Foundation for the Higher Good humanitarian aid knows that hunger isn't seasonal, which is why our year-round efforts gets so much of our attention. Providing for the children and see first-hand the families we help.


in action 

Hope in Action

give rest to the weary by helping others

Reach Out

Work with members in your community and make a difference

Our Outreach team in Guatemala needs your help. Basic construction of a church for education, food distribution, for the Chuabaj community we are starting One Dollar a Day "Piggy Bank" Project. Make a Difference now.



We recently went to serve the Guatemala communitees for a , devoting their time and expertise. Find out how this experience changes their life's for turned into a corporate partnership that will benefit thousands.

  • Humanitarian needs
  • Feeding children in Guatemala
  • Literacy training in Chichichango
  • Life skills workshops in Mexico

What we do

Locally, nationally and internationally, The Foundation For the Higher Good is a vocal advocate for the hungry and uneducated. The Foundation for the Higher Good literacy outreach program travel to help children and families in need.

The Piggy Bank Building 

Giving one Dollar a Day! 


We need 300 people to donate one dollar a day for a year ($365) for the local Guatemalan community to finish their building!

Helping Others

Providing assistance to people with essential humanitarian aid medically and spiritually.

Serving Communites

Working with local church member to help build there church.


t o you 

peace to you by


those in need

Our story

Improving Life 

With our literacy outreach programs and job assistance and equipment.

on going projects